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Gesnerus. 1965;22(3):176-94.
[Conrad Gesner as a bibliographer and encyclopedist. The collapse of the medieval liberal arts].
[Article in German]
Mayerhöfer J.
PMID: 5324069
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By J. Chester Bradley
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Science  07 Jun 1907:
Vol. 25, Issue 649, pp. 907-908
DOI: 10.1126/science.25.649.907

Copyright Records and the Bibliographer
G. Thomas Tanselle
Studies in Bibliography
Vol. 22 (1969), pp. 77-124
Published by: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia
Page Count: 48

The British bibliographer.
Author: Egerton Brydges, Sir; Joseph Haslewood; Thomas Bensley
Publisher:         London, : Printed for R. Triphook by T. Bensley, 1810-1814.
Edition/Format:              Print book : EnglishView all editions and formats
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English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Bibliography.
English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700.
English literature -- Early modern.

W. W. Greg as Bibliographer
October 2009Textual Cultures Text Contexts Interpretation 4(2):63-75
DOI: 10.1353/txc.0.0123
T. H. Howard-Hill

Herman H. Fussler: The Bibliographer Working in a Broad Area of Knowledge. Home > Vol 10, No 3 (1949) > Fussler
Full Text:

Maria-Stela CONSTANTINESCU-MATIŢA: Károly Szabó - Librarian, Bibliographer and Historian. https://www.philobiblon.ro/en/article/karoly-szabo-librarian-bibliographer-and-historian

The Great Medical Bibliographers: A Study in Humanism Reprint of 1951 Edition Edition ** by John F. Fulton  (Author) ** https://www.amazon.com/Great-Medical-Bibliographers-Study-Humanism/dp/0837194369

Br Med J. 1953 Mar 28; 1(4812): 713.
PMCID: PMC2015644

Print publication year: 2014Online publication date: December 2014
Glossary of technical terms used by bibliographers and historians of the book
Edited by Leslie Howsam, University of Windsor, Ontario
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Field Bibliographers and Fellows sought for coverage of Turkish language and literature periodicals in the MLA International Bibliography * Yuksel Duman's pictureDiscussion published by Yuksel Duman on Thursday, February 20, 2020 ** https://networks.h-net.org/node/11419/discussions/5896539/field-bibliographers-and-fellows-sought-coverage-turkish-language

Bibliographers contest
Bibliographers contest!
Leaders of the competition:
1. LYUBOMIR TRAYKOV (Varna, Bulgaria) — 19 points
2. VLADIMIR KOLYADIN (Ryazan) — 9 points
3. IVO GLOSS (Zechdenik, Germany) — 8 points
We wish to remind you, that since 8.1.1999 a continual biblographers Contest is running on Kir Bulychev's page.

Participants of the contest:
1. Lyubomir Traykov (Varna, Bulgaria) — 4 + 7 = 19 points
2. Vladimir Kolyadin (Ryazan) — 3 + 0 = 9 points
3. Ivo Gloss (Zechdenik, Germany) — 2 + 2 = 8 points
4. Aleksey Lyakhov (Kiev) — 1 + 4 = 7 points
Bibliographers contest!
Since August 1st, 1999 a continual biblographers Contest is running on Kir Bulychev's page. The contest is open for all comers: professional bibliographers and bibliographers by vocation, sci-fi fans and admirers of Kir Bulychev's works, and also just intent and meticulous people.
Main Objective of the contest
Rules of contest
Counting of results
Awarding the winners
Winners of past years
is raising quality and accuracy of bibliographical references about Kir Bulychev's publications.
The following is eligible for the contest:
— ADDITIONS (information about publications absent in the bibliography at all);
— CORRECTIONS (information about found bibliographical errors and inaccuracies).
As long as all bibliographical material of the page is laid out in different sections [The following links lead to Russian pages. Sorry. - D.L.]: Fiction, Scientific works, Translations, Reviews, Interviews etc, and for example, fiction is in its turn divided into logical groups («Alisa», «Guslyar», «Pavlysh» etc.) and that not all sections are yet laid out in whole, only some of the sections will take part in the contest. It will be permitted to use the other sections for the purpose of competition only after they are completed and the info that the author has is included. This rule is set to exclude the possibility of participants submitting info that the author already has. Information about all new sections that are ready to partake in the contest will be announced separately.

Since January, 1st, 2001 the following sections may be considered ready [All links lead to Russian pages - D.L.]: «Alisa», «Guslyar» «Institute of Expertise», «Pavlysh» and «Tales» from «Fiction», and also «Interviews» section.

So, since January 1st, 2001,
the bibliographers contest is on for the sections:
«Alisa», «Guslyar», «Institute of Expertise», «Pavlysh», «Tales» «Interviews».
ADDITIONS are accepted in the form of:

— originals of published printed materials , that are to be sent to mail address of the editor of the page;
— copies of published printed materials , that are to be sent to mail address or electronic adress as *.gif or *.jpg graphic files;
— Bibliographical descriptions, that are sent to electronic or mail address, or as a record in the Guestbook with a mark «For the bibliographers contest».
Comment: Additions in the form of bibliographical descriptions are considered, but not included to the bibliography until it is proven that the publication was real, to avoid publishing inaccurate data on the page.
 CORRECTIONS are accepted in the form of:
— Bibliographical descriptions, that are to be sent to the electronic or mail address of the page's editor, or as records in the Guestbook with a mark «For the bibliographers contest».
 Be sure to include some personal data: name, last name, the city where you live (for publishing on the page) and your address - electronic or casual mail - for feedback (it will not appear on the page).
Your work is counted in points and is put down to the list of the participants of the contest in the following form: number of additions + number of corrections = sum of points.
Every addition is worth 3 points, every correction — 1 point. Points for additions and corrections are summed.
The results of contest are renewed and laid out weekly. Bibliographers contest.
At the end of the year the participants winning first three places will receive prizes — Kir Bulychev's books with author's dedicatory inscriptions.
1. Shpikerman Evgeniy, Magadan (47 points);
2. Lyakhov Aleksey, Kiev (39 points);
3. Popov Andrey, Krasnodar (29 points).
1. Traykov Lyubomir, Varna, Bulgaria (118 points);
2. Gloss Ivo, Zechdenik, Getrmany (81 point);
3. Kolyadin Vladimir, Ryazan (75 points).

Some Bibliographers of Early Medical Americana
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Volume XVII, Issue 1, January 1962, Pages 94–115, https://doi.org/10.1093/jhmas/XVII.1.94

Twilight of the Gods? Bibliographers in the Electronic Age
March 2000Library trends 48(4)
Dan Hazen

Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers

THE PIONEER AMERICANISTS: EARLY COLLECTORS, DEALERS, AND BIBLIOGRAPHERS WITH KEVIN GRAFFAGNINO. https://librarycompany.org/event/the-pioneer-americanists-early-collectors-dealers-and-bibliographers-with-kevin-graffagnino/

Sir Shane Leslie and Other Irish Bibliographers
William T. O'Malley, University of Rhode IslandFollow
Document Type
Date of Original Version
Text of a paper entitled "Sir Shane Leslie and Other Irish Bibliographers" presented by Professor William T. O'Malley to the John Russell Bartlett Society, John Carter Brown Library, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island on March 21, 2002. "Observations on the collecting of Irish bibliographical works, using Shane Leslie and some others as our text."
Citation/Publisher Attribution
O'Malley, William T., "Sir Shane Leslie and Other Irish Bibliographers" (2002). Technical Services Department Faculty Publications. Paper 24.

Knitting for Bibliographers, by Professor Greenough. http://patrickspedding.blogspot.com/2017/11/knitting-for-bibliographers-by.html

Nineteenth-Century British Book-Collectors and Bibliographers. Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 184. William Baker , Kenneth Womack. 1998. https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/pbsa.92.2.24304237?mobileUi=0

Also found in: Dictionary.
The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979). It might be outdated or ideologically biased.
A monthly journal published in St. Petersburg between 1884 and 1894. (In 1884 only the trial issue no. 1 was published.) It was edited by N. M. Lisovskii.

Besides articles about books and historical literary material, Bibliograf contained current information about books, maps, and plans for towns, parks, and so forth being published in Russian, French, and English, as well as journal articles and periodical publications in Russian. Of considerable value was the section entitled “Rossica” for the period 1885–90. The subject matter of the articles in Bibliograf was not systematized—that is, it did not support a particular school of thought. Certain articles, devoted primarily to folk literature, were written from reactionary points of view.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition (1970-1979). © 2010 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved. https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Bibliograf

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Title     A manual of classification for librarians and bibliographers.
Edition 3rd ed. / rev.
Publisher          London : Grafton
Creation Date   1955
Notes   Bibliography: p. 320-340.
Format  346 pages : ill., tables
23 cm.
Language         English

Competencies for Bibliographers: A Process for Writing a Collection Development Competencies Document

Kristine K. Stacy-Bates, Iowa State UniversityFollow
Jan Fryer, Iowa State University
Jeffrey D. Kushkowski, Iowa State UniversityFollow
Diana D. Shonrock, Iowa State UniversityFollow
Document Type

Publication Date
Competency statements for librarians are one way of measuring performance against a set standard. The Iowa State University Library established a task force to develop a collection development competencies document for its subject bibliographers. The literature review revealed that while there were many examples of competency documents, little had been written about the process of developing a competencies document. This article details the process used to write the competencies document at Iowa State University. The completed document is a blend of existing standards and local practice that can be adapted to any library.

This is a post-print of an article from Reference and User Services Quarterly, 42, no. 3 (2003): 235–241.

“Buy, Don't Borrow: Bibliographers' Analysis of Academic Library Collection Development through Interlibrary Loan Requests

Kristine J. Anderson, Purdue University
Robert S. Freeman, Purdue UniversityFollow
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel, Purdue UniversityFollow
Lawrence J. Mykytiuk, Purdue UniversityFollow
Judith M. Nixon, Purdue UniversityFollow
Suzanne M. Ward, Purdue UniversityFollow
In 2000, the Purdue University Libraries implemented a Books On Demand program. Instead of borrowing books requested through Interlibrary Loan, staff purchased selected titles and added them to the collection after patron use. After two years, five subject bibliographers analyzed 800 titles acquired through the program in their subject areas and compared them with titles acquired during the same time period through normal selection. The bibliographers concluded that the patron-driven Books On Demand program is a valuable complementary collection development tool. It consistently adds a very high percentage of relevant scholarly titles to the collection which provides input from patrons who do not ordinarily have a voice in collection development decision and fills in gaps in interdisciplinary area.

Collection development, interlibrary loan, title analysis, patron collaboration, interdisciplinary study

Published in:
Collection Management, Vol. 27 (3/4) 2002”. https://docs.lib.purdue.edu/lib_research/92/

Cataloging the world : Paul Otlet and the birth of the information age
 Wright, Alex, 1966-
2014, Book , 350 pages :

Reference-Bibliographers in the College Library. https://crl.acrl.org/index.php/crl/article/view/12588


Bulgarian Bibliographers Publish Volume on Press
Dr. Dafin ThodorovFirst Published June 1, 1964 Other


"For the bibliographers at UCL": a Humument and the lessons it teaches 21st century librarians
Welsh, A; (2015) "For the bibliographers at UCL": a Humument and the lessons it teaches 21st century librarians. Presented at: Livres d'artistes: the Artist's Book in Theory and Practice, Cardiff.

Papers - The American Association of Architectural Bibliographers
Ön Kapak
American Association of Architectural Bibliographers
Garland Publishing, 1975

Seller Image
Bibliographers' Glossary of Foreign Words and Phrases
Cowles, Barbara

Bibliographers, librarians, booksellers: personalia, collected essays, congress proceedings, Festschriften. https://www.robinhalwas.com/66-bibliographical-literature-bibliographers-librarians-booksellers-personalia-collected-essays-congress-proceedings-festschriften

Buying, borrowing, and bibliographers: Some observations on collection development flexibility
Author links open overlay panelMurray S.Martin
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Google: "meeting of bibliographers".

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XII. The Romantic Revival.
XV. Scholars, Antiquaries and Bibliographers.

Powell, Lawrence Clark.
Berkeley: University of California, 1967.
stiff paper wrappers.
30 pages.

Nineteenth-Century British Book-Collectors and Bibliographers
Naiditch, P G.Classical Bulletin; Cincinnati Vol. 75, Iss. 2,  (1999): 233-235. https://search.proquest.com/openview/13b2b1581c9a3bc78c502134d58633bc/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=41368


ArtPublished 1977
Bibliographers and the Library
G. Thomas Tanselle
OF THE SCHOLARS who enter libraries to pursue research, those who call themselves bibliographers have been among the most vocal critics of the policies and attitudes they encounter. That there should be such divergence of opinion, and at times even mutual disparagement, between bibliographers and librarians is particularly distressing because the two fields are naturally related and, indeed, overlap (especially in their interest in the identification and recording of printed material). Developments in one field are bound to affect the other, and progress can best be made in both if a spirit of cooperation and understanding exists between them. Just why this understanding frequently is not present is a complex matter. Stereotyped views of certain scholarly activities may exacerbate the problem-as when literary critics belittle bibliographical work, or when bibliographers in turn look down on library work-but these prejudices are, of course, symptoms rather than underlying causes of misunderstanding. The prejudices will decrease as workers in one field come to understand what their colleagues in an associated field are really doing and what relationship that activity bears to their own. With this in mind, I should like to try to describe the bibliographer's approach to books and to indicate some of the implications of that point of view for library policy. In doing so, I do not mean to suggest that librarians are unique in sometimes failing to understand what bibliography is about; just as much misunderstanding exists within academic departments. Moreover, the cause in each case is the same: a failure to recognize the relationship between the form and the content of books. Any attempt to explain what bibliographers do must first confront the awkward word bibliography itself, a word which has been applied to a considerable variety of activities. What most people think of when LESS. https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Bibliographers-and-the-Library-Tanselle/6fde3393f7809e5a19f8a8059ca36865cc9cb566


Title: The Antiquarian Magazine & Bibliographer; Vol. 4, July-Dec 1884. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/52641/52641-h/52641-h.htm

Google: bibliographer site:www.gutenberg.org/

Google: bibliographer site:https://crl.acrl.org/index.php/crl




Workload of Reference-Bibliographers in Medium-sized Academic Libraries
Rebecca Schreiner-Robles and Malcolm Germann
Vol. 29, No. 1 (Fall 1989), pp. 82-91
Published by: American Library Association
Page Count: 10
Topics: Academic libraries, Reference librarians, Workloads, Educational research, Collection development, Academic librarians, Library instruction, Reference services, Library administration

Yukihisa Suzuki: The Role of a Bibliographer in a Japanese Collection. Home > Vol 21, No 3 (1960) > Suzuki
Full Text:

Tam metin makale:
Journal of Educ... Vol. 21, No. 2,... Historical Bibl...
Journal of Education for Librarianship
Historical Bibliographical Work: Its Role in Library Education
Roderick Cave
Journal of Education for Librarianship
Vol. 21, No. 2 (Fall, 1980), pp. 109-121
Published by: Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE)
DOI: 10.2307/40368582
Page Count: 13
Topics: History instruction, Librarianship, Analytical bibliography, Information science education, Library schools, Books, Librarians, United States history, Bookstores, Bibliographies

John Haar : Scholar or Librarian? How Academic Libraries' Dualistic Concept of the Bibliographer Affects Recruitment. Collection Building. ISSN: 0160-4953. Publication date: 1 January 1993. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/eb023324/full/html?skipTracking=true
How does the organizational climate of today's research library affect collection development? How is the climate of the library affected by the larger institutional climate? What is the impact on collection development and the role of the bibliographer? The article looks at general management theory on change and applies that theory to the role of the bibliographer in a changing environment. The bibliographer is viewed as an important contributor in defining organizational goals. The bibliographer, as any library manager, has the skills and perception to navigate the "permanent white water" in coping with change.”. Connie Kearns McCarthy: Threats and Opportunities. Collection Development in a Changing Research Library Environment. Pages 29-34 | Published online: 26 Oct 2008. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1300/J101v03n06_04?journalCode=wzze20

Law, Derek (2004) Bibliographes spécialisés et bibliothécaires de référence : questions actuelles au Royaume-Uni. In: Bibliothecaire, quel metier. Cercle de la Librairie, Paris, France, pp. 53-60. ISBN 2765408904. https://strathprints.strath.ac.uk/2944/2/strathprints002944.doc

História (São Paulo)
On-line version ISSN 1980-4369
SANTOS, Pedro Afonso Cristovão dos. A "distinct bibliographer and bibliophile": Capistrano de Abreu, publisher of historical documents. História [online]. 2010, vol.29, n.1, pp.418-441. ISSN 1980-4369.  https://doi.org/10.1590/S0101-90742010000100023 .
This article examines the practices of the Brazilian historian João Capistrano de Abreu (1853-1927) in his work as a publisher of historical documents. His efforts in establishing the author of a text, outline his biography, contextualize and present the text to the reader, give bibliographical indications about topics approached in the texts, among other things, allow us to foresee not only his specific practice as a publisher, but in general terms, the one from the historian Capistrano de Abreu facing a historical document.
Keywords : Capistrano de Abreu; Text publishing; Historical documents. **         · abstract in Portuguese     · text in Portuguese     · Portuguese ( pdf )
Google: bibliographer site:www.bibsoc.org.uk/ ** http://www.bibsoc.org.uk/search/node/bibliographer
Columbia University: West European History Bibliographer. 2001. https://www.h-net.org/jobs/job_display.php?id=22633
Tanselle, G. Thomas. "Book-Jackets, Blurbs, and Bibliographers," Library (5th series) 26:91-134, June 1971.

Research Title: The Role of Bibliographer in Technical Services. Authors: Abdul Razeq M.Younis. Journal: Risalat Al-Maktaba. Volume & Page Numbers. V. 15, No. 2 , PP. 51-56. Publisher (Jordan Lib. ASSO). Year (June, 1980)

“A Bibliographer’s Nightmare: Inconsistent and Incomplete Data
by Benjamin Van Wienen | Jan 22, 2019

As we move on to the final stages of our Musical Geographies class, I have assumed the specialist role of “bibliographer.”  This means that I survey all of our data entries and compile a comprehensive bibliography of every source we have used in our research.  This is a satisfying yet frustrating job because I get to create an extensive list of sources but am also responsible for ensuring that the list is consistent and accurate.  Hundreds (thousands?) of data entries all made by 12 different people can be impressive and fun to explore but the inconsistencies that present themselves are infuriating to rectify. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve done my work as bibliographer, it’s that we should always make clean and accurate citations the first time we put in data.  By doing this, we avoid the risk of forgetting about sources we originally used if we make citations later and ensure that if we do need to look back at our work, we know exactly what we looked through in the first place.  Incomplete and messy citations have been the bane of my work thus far.
Despite these frustrations, being the bibliographer has also come with fun learning experiences: I’ve learned some of the finer nuances of creating citations.  This LibGuide on Chicago style citation, provided by Lorain County Community College, has a section titled “Elements of Citation” which has proved to be invaluable in my work.  It details the most intricate parts of Chicago style such as punctuation and syntax which I normally wouldn’t think about so intently when citing sources.  These intricacies have, actually, been fun to explore.
In addition to learning about those intricacies, being the bibliographer has introduced me to a whole new style of bibliography.  Usually, my “bibliography” is just a works cited page.  The difference between the two lies in the fact that a full bibliography is a compilation of works consulted, while a works cited is just that: works cited.  As you can see from the picture below (of the unfinished version of the bibliography), however, what I am creating is much more than a works cited page. It has been frustrating because it’s new, yet fun because I get to organize and format – something I love to do.  My knowledge of this type of bibliography will certainly be useful in my future as a musicologist or librarian!”. https://musicalgeography.org/2019/01/22/a-bibliographers-nightmare-inconsistent-and-incomplete-data/

Conversations with Leading Academic and Research Library Directors
International Perspectives on Library Management Chandos Information Professional Series
2019, Pages 31-42. Conversations with Leading Academic and Research Library Directors
Chapter 3 - Dr. Greg Eow, Associate Director for Collections, MIT Libraries Author links open overlay panelPatrickLoDickson K.W.ChiuAllanChoBradAllard. Show more. https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-08-102746-2.00003-0

By J. Chester Bradley: A PROTEST ON BEHALF OF THE SYSTEMATIC ZOOLOGIST AND THE BIBLIOGRAPHER. Science  07 Jun 1907: Vol. 25, Issue 649, pp. 907-908. DOI: 10.1126/science.25.649.907


Competencies for Bibliographers: A Process for Writing a Collection Development Competencies Document. Article in Reference and User Services Quarterly 42(3):235-241 · March 2003. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/254173530_Competencies_for_Bibliographers_A_Process_for_Writing_a_Collection_Development_Competencies_Document

Blanket Orders and the Bibliographer in the Large Research Library. Colin SteeleFirst Published October 1, 1970 Research Article. https://doi.org/10.1177/096100067000200405

The Bibliographer's Manual of Gloucestershire Literature: Parishes and towns: Abenhall Kindle Edition
by Sir Francis Adams Hyett (Author)
 See all 6 formats and editions
Kindle Edition
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Length: 757 pages       Word Wise: Enabled      Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled
Page Flip: Enabled        Language: English

Howard-Hill, T.H. "W. W. Greg as bibliographer." Textual Cultures, vol. 4, no. 2, 2009, p. 63+. Gale Literature Resource Center, Accessed 9 Mar. 2020.


The International Bibliography Congress, St. Petersburg on 21-23 September in 2010, the National Library of Russia
Two plenary sessions and several section meetings on the following issues are planned:
— Profession of a bibliographer in the 21st century. Professional training and lifelong learning

[Adında “Bibliographer” geçen bildiriler;
Neshcheret Marina, Russian State Library (Moscow, Russia): The World through the Bibliography Prism: a Professional Mind of a Bibliographer with its Structure
Jacevich Nikolaj, Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts (Minsk, Belarus): The Occupation of a Bibliographer in the Epoch of the Computer Communications
Pumpjan Galina, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Saint-Petersburg, Russia): "Russia and the East": the View of Bibliographer
Kukanova Inna, Tula Regional Universal Scientific Library (Tula, Russia): Language Environment of the Virtual Reference Service: Users Needs, Bibliographers Possibilities and some Methodological Problems
Goldman Masha, The National Library of Israel (Jerusalem, Israel): S. E. Viner (1860-1929) – an Outstanding Petersburgian Bibliographer
Bokan Marija, Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Saint-Petersburg, Russia): Epistolary Heritage of Russian Bibliographers in the Archive Funds of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sirotkina Irina, Russian State library (Moscow, Russia): Russian Bibliographer and Bibliophile Dmitry Uljaninsky


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2.  List of members & annual reports

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3.  List of members

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A Great Bibliographer.   By: Jagodzinski, Cecile M.. Library Journal, 4/1/1991, Vol. 116 Issue 6, p162-162, 1/8p. Subjects: BOOKS -- Reviews; BIBLIOGRAPHERS; NONFICTION; GEORGE Watson Cole, 1850-1939 (Book); DICKINSON, Donald C.

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